It takes a village to raise a child and we promise to be a part of your village.  We are here to make it easier for you to be present and prepared to make make deeper connections with your young learner. We know you want the best for the kids in your life, but it's not easy to research, plan and prepare activities to help them grow. That's where we come in. 

Our Sprout course is conveniently delivered online, while all the learning takes place offline in your home and local community. With engaging activities, original children's songs, and beautiful story books, we give you the time and tools you need in order to make the most of your time together. Our promise is to help learners and caregivers become more creative, curious, confident and mindful while you explore your world together. 



It is our mission to help caregivers learn how to teach their children, and help children learn the important skills they need in order to grow into a creative lifelong learner.

Five percent of SEED Learning Garden's sales are donated to our partner foundations. Our charitable contributions are specifically dedicated to indigenous language preservation and story telling programs. We do our best to direct funds toward foundations in villages and areas that lack funding.  

We understand what it feels like to struggle with finances. We've been there. We work with low income families online and offline to provide quality learning materials and educational resources in their native languages. 



We're doing this together as a family.  The Learning Garden was founded in 2021 by siblings Joëlle, Kyle and Kristi Turner. Although we often see things differently (and constantly borrow each others clothes) we came together to grow this garden.  It has been a real adventure growing SEED together, and we cannot wait to see what will grow in our Learning Garden for years to come. 

Kristi has been a teacher for the past decade. In 2013 Kristi earned her B.Sc from Trent University. She went on to study teaching English as a foreign language and earned a TEFOL certificate. Her experiences with holistic learning, outdoor education, teaching in international private schools, teaching English online and working in play based early year education centers have seen her through a seasoned learning journey.  She has passionately and lovingly directed the creation of all our products. As CEO and Creative Director, Kristi genuinely hopes you will join our community and grow with SEED Learning Garden.

As Director of Art & Music, Joëlle coordinates with local musicians and artists to create the wonderful songs and art we share throughout our lessons. Joëlle has found so much joy in teaching, writing, and performing music for two decades. After receiving a B.Mus from the University of Toronto in 2008, Joëlle realized their post secondary education left a lot to be desired by way of trauma informed teaching, equity, and consent practices. This led Joëlle to discover alternative modes through which they continue their studies. Taking all of this learning and channeling it into SEED is truly a life-long dream come true for Joëlle. 

Kyle has more than a decade of founder's experience, including his last venture opening a vinyl record shop in Toronto! More recently, he has been working as Director of Support for leading E-commerce SaaS companies such as Fulfi.io, Shopify, and Recharge.  Kyle believes in the importance of language preservation and outdoor education. As head of Customer Success, Kyle works to ensure your experience with SEED Learning provides as much value and return on investment as possible.