At SEED Learning Garden we offer adaptive, quality holistic learning opportunities with our small team of qualified instructors. That means classes are inclusive to differentiated learning styles and we focus on educating the whole student.

A music class isn't simply learning to play an instrument; it's also expanding vocabulary, exploring creativity, practicing mindfulness and learning how to keep your body fit to play

SEED Learning Garden instructors have a minimum of 10 years professional teaching experience and a post secondary degree. All our instructors take a play-based approach to education and personalize each class to suit their student's diverse interests and learning needs. Students and teachers will work together to create a reciprocal learning environment where a student's success is measured by their personal growth, creativity and depth of understanding in each subject; not by their performance on standardized tests.

If you are parent who needs support understanding your child's developmental stages or learning needs, or you are looking for a tutor for your child, book a free trial class today with no obligation

Classes are open to native English speakers as well as English language learners of all levels.