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Milestones Made Simple

At home activities and Online Classes that support parents and children to create, discover and explore the world together while building early years developmental milestones.

What is SEED Learning?

Holistic Learning for Parents & Children

Our mission is to help the whole child in their healthy social, emotional, physical and educational development.

Simple Offline Activities

Take your child's learning in Music, Language Arts, Movement & Mindfulness and STEM beyond the computer screen with our digital Sprout Courses or our curated toy collection STEM Pods.

Inclusive Online Classes

One-on-One online instruction that is adaptable for diverse learning needs.

Place Based Education

Our easy to follow curriculum inspires students to explore and learn lessons from their communities and the natural world around them.

  • Early Years

    From ages 2-6 a child's experiences has significant, lasting effects. Central to this period of growth is creating a foundation for holistic education for their future social, emotional, academic, and professional success.

  • Growing Together

    Early Childhood Development research supports the idea that there is a positive relationship between parental involvement during a child's first 6 years, and a the child's achievement of important developmental milestones.

  • Milestones Matter

    Parental knowledge of milestones is needed to understand your child's developement. Awareness helps parents recognize age appropriate behavoir, as well as look for developmental delays.

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Live Educators

Our team of experienced educators provide coaching and instruction for parents or children who want support with their learning goals.

Personalized private classes are now offered in: Music, Storytelling, STEM and English Language Learning and Parenting.

Available for parents or children ages 4+.

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Community Garden

Five percent of all sales are donated to our partner foundations in small communities across the world. The money and resources we donate support the purchase of urgently needed educaitonal supplies, and locally led language, music and storytelling programs.

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