Community Growing

Community Growing

The idea for SEED was first planted in the summer of 2021. From the beginning, the most important factor in growing the Learning Garden has been community participation. We started with a question; who is in our communities and how can we grow relationships with these people? Admittedly, so many companies are heralding the community as the centre of their structure at this moment. Protect the environment. Support equality. We’re all in this together. 

But what does it mean to be in this together?

Perhaps it speaks to the experience of life. No matter who your family is, where they’ve come from or where they’re going, we collectively experience the joys and sorrows of this fragile experience called life. We are all living in the same beautiful, sometimes harsh world. Our behaviours affect one another and our actions ripple across the globe. Because of the fact that the world can be harsh we find the idea of community to be especially important. 

The first community we all experience is one of caregivers and babies. Parenting come in many forms; parents, grandparents, support workers, teachers, and many more. We see these relationships as the roots of a garden. The support structures that help us raise up to grow into something beautiful. SEED has been founded by family, and everything we create is for families. We draw inspiration from the way our parents taught us and the lessons we learned from playing together as toddlers. Community speaks to the whole and asks us to reflect on all the different parts that work together to create a network of support and resources. We are interested in holistic education which teaches not only the minds of our learners, but also their hearts and hands. 

SEED intentionally works with our communities in order to create quality educational and developmental resources for parents and caregivers who wish to learn more about raising curious life long learners. We collaborate with local artists, musicians, teachers, yogis, counsellors and support workers in order to offer you the best lessons and activities to use together at home. 

We want to help children grow up in a world that they are inspired by, curious about and keen to explore. Help us grow by buying our digital Sprout Curriculum today. Five percent of each sale is donated to our partner charities who purchase educational supplies and lead language  learning and storytelling programs in rural villages across the world.

We love you for reading this, we look forward to sharing more.

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