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Language Roots - One Hour Class

Language Roots - One Hour Class

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Interactive Online Classes for Young and Adult Learners

Looking to improve your language or storytelling skills? SEED Learning Garden offers online classes that are perfect for students aged 7+ or adult learners of English spoken language. Our founder, Kristi, is an experienced teacher who provides private instruction tailored to your individual needs.

Each lesson is one hour long with a 5-minute movement break, and is hosted on Zoom for your convenience. Our play-based approach to learning offers a fun and engaging experience, with options to focus on different learning streams such as English spoken language, storytelling, grammar, close reading/writing, or mindfulness.

We welcome students of all levels, including beginners and those with diverse learning needs. Please note that classes are non-refundable, but can be rescheduled up to one hour before the scheduled start time.

Learning and studying online

We're proud to have Kristi, our founder, as your dedicated live teacher. With over a decade of experience teaching students of all ages, Kristi is patient, friendly, and passionate about helping you learn online. 

Our online classes are designed to be play and place-based, meaning that we follow your interests, curiosities, and passions while we learn together. We understand the importance of embracing our students' cultures and backgrounds, which is why our teachers plan classes that encourage exploration of different cultures, as well as sharing of personal traditions.

At SEED Learning Garden, we believe that learning should extend beyond the screen. That's why we help our young students make deeper connections to the content they study during their online classes, both online and offline.

Join us at SEED Learning Garden and discover a new way of learning that emphasizes fun, interconnectivity, and personal growth. Book your class today and start your journey with Kristi.


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Community Garden

Five percent of your purchase will be donated to our partner foundations in Java, Indonesia and Tovar, Venezuela. The money donated by SEED is used to purchase urgently needed educational supplies and fund locally led language, storytelling and music programs.