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SEED Learning Garden

Online Class - Free 30 Minute Trial

Online Class - Free 30 Minute Trial

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Online Class with your Live Tutor

The relationship between student and teacher is personal and unique for each person. We understand that you will want to meet your teacher before start learning with us. Book a free trial, 30 minute online class where you can meet on Zoom, discuss your learning goals, and make a study plan with your teacher. 

Student learning with teacher online

SEED Learning Garden offers online classes to help you on your learning journey. In Language Arts we offer private instruction in English Spoken Language, Creative writing, Story telling, Close Reading and more. We offer instruction to students of all ages, language backgrounds and proud to say we are inclusive to students with diverse learning abilities.


During your free trial you will have the opportunity to meet your live tutor, share your interests and begin to explore our original curriculum of songs, games and activities. All of our online classes are play and place based, so no matter your age or learning level you will follow your interests and passions while you learn. SEED Learning Garden recognizes the importance of embracing our student's cultures and different learning backgrounds. Our online teachers plan classes that encourage our students to explore different cultures as well as share their own traditions. We help our students look offline, beyond your screen to make deeper connections to the content you study during your online class


This one time trial is commitment free. If after your trial you decide not to continue to take classes with SEED Learning Garden, we will be sad to see you go, but support your choice! You will receive a follow up email asking for feedback for how we can improve our service.


Book your free trial now to begin your learning journey with SEED Learning Garden. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Community Garden

Five percent of your purchase will be donated to our partner foundations in Java, Indonesia and Tovar, Venezuela. The money donated by SEED is used to purchase urgently needed educational supplies and fund locally led language, storytelling and music programs.