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Online Class - 30 Minute Lesson

Online Class - 30 Minute Lesson

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Support Early Years Development and Learn Online

Grow your child's Story-telling, English Spoken Language, STEM or Mindfulness skills when you learn online with classes taught by our SEED Learning Garden Founder, Kristi. 

  • This online class is hosted on Zoom, you will be sent a link upon completing your booking.
  • Each lesson is thirty minutes long with an optional 5 minute movement break.
  • Ideal for students ages 2-6.
  • Beginner English levels and students with diverse learning needs are welcome.
  • Play-based private instruction in your choice of different learning streams: story telling, basic grammaremerging reading/writing, early Science and Math concepts, or Mindfulness. 
  • Activities and lessons are based on SEED Learning Garden's exclusive Sprout Courses.

  • Classes are non-refundable and can be rescheduled up to one hour before the start of the scheduled class.

Young Child Learning Online

Your dedicated live teacher is SEED Learning Garden's Founder. Kristi has 10+ years experience teaching students of all ages and has taught ESL student at international schools, universities and online classes. She is patient, friendly and passionate about interacting with kids while they learn online. Kristi will work closely with you and your your child to learn, grow and flourish in your chosen learning stream.


All of our online classes are play and place based, so we will follow your child's interests, curiosities and passions while we learn together. Early Years Learning emphasizes the need for singing, playing and self expression. SEED Learning Garden recognizes the importance of embracing our student's cultures and different learning backgrounds. For little kids, we keep this process fun and engaging. Our teachers plan classes that encourage our students to explore different cultures as well as share their own traditions. We help our young students look offline, beyond your screen to make deeper connections to the content you study during your online class. 


Book a class now and help your early years student learn online with SEED Learning Garden.

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Community Garden

Five percent of your purchase will be donated to our partner foundations in Java, Indonesia and Tovar, Venezuela. The money donated by SEED is used to purchase urgently needed educational supplies and fund locally led language, storytelling and music programs.