Play with Purpose

Play with Purpose

Pedagogy of Place and Play:

SEED Learning offers materials which foster the development of a learner’s “head, heart and hands” (Kumar, Satish “Holistic Education”). We draw inspiration from our immediate environments to develop our learning resources. In turn, the activities you can expect to be doing with your learner take place in your homes and communities. 

We acknowledge the abundance of research which asserts that learning opportunities are naturally presented during both free and guided play. With the appropriate amount of guidance, learners can discover science, math, literacy, mindfulness, art, music, independence, conflict-resolution, cooperation, creativity, imagination and much more while they play and participate in the world around them. Play has been shown to be an important factor in the healthy development of a person's prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for Executive Function. Executive Functions include emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, impulse control, self-monitoring, planning, organization and task initiation. (Bayer, C. et al., 2019). 

SEED Learning Garden centres our learning philosophy on the pedagogy of place and play. We work to deliver learning activities and materials that come from our communities and can be enjoyed by you in your community. We hope to inspire you to play and grow together with your learner!

Learn from Nature

SEED Learning Garden is a digital company that strives to provide easily accessible learning materials, while minimizing your screen time. We understand we live in a digital age where reliable information can be accessed easily online, and that this is the most convenient way for you to access our materials.

We encourage you to take what you receive online, and bring it outside into the world around you. Our activities involve exploring parks, trails and nature around your community. We integrate guided play activities with child-lead, adult supervised exploration. Each activity included open ended questions that help you and your learner delve into deeper learning inspired by the world around you.

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