About Us:

The Learning Garden was founded in 2021 by Kristi Turner. Kristi is a passionate educator who is deeply involved in education. She recognized that education can be delivered from community-centred, place and play based pedagogy. While developing SEED and the Learning Garden, Kristi used this same concept by working with the people in her community. All the content first created for SEED came from a place of playing in the world around her. Joelle came on board as Director of music curriculum. Joelle has a B. Mus from University of Toronto and has been a vocal pedagogy teacher for children for over ten years. Evert as B.Fine Art from Venuzala and is a visual artist and illustrator. 

Our Partners:

The Learning Garden began in 2021 working closely in partnership with SEED and Kejora Karimunjawa. Kejora is an educational foundation on a remote island in Java, Indonesia. The Learning Garden shares the SEED curriculum with Kejora and donates profits from curriculum sales to support the funding for educational materials and resources across the archipelago. In Canada, we are partnered with The Gorilla Store in order to curate our specialty subscription boxes.