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Developmental Milestones in English Language Arts

This course includes:

  • 3 exciting emerging reading and writing activities created by experienced teachers to inspire Early Years learning of language and literacy.
  • A beautifully illustrated printable PDF children's story  with complimentary sing-along-song to help children learn new phrases and vocabulary. 
  • A playful new rendition of the Alphabet song.
  • Clearly defined developmental milestones.
  • Thoughtful and provoking open ended question prompts for parents to use in order to inspire deeper learning.
  • Parenting tips to make every day play less challenging.


    The first five years of a child’s life are an important time to establish reading and writing skills. This theme-learning course follows children's love for animals and helps them investigate early concepts in the meaning of print, letter sounds, and the purpose of stories. Bring holistic learning into your home with these adaptable activities that can meet a learner at any developmental stage. 

    With Sprout English Language Arts, you no longer need to spend your valuable time researching literacy friendly games and activities to play at home with your kids. Simply download this Sprout Course and follow your PDF guide on any computer or mobile device, or as a print out to inspire your young learner’s emerging English Language Arts skills. 

    This English Language Arts course makes learning at home easier than ever. With clearly explained holistic developmental milestones, you will have a clear understanding of what your child will work toward during these fun play-based activities. Play and learn together while you help your child develop emergent literacy skills with benefits that extend into early geography, science and emotional-social developmental skills. 

    All activities in this course are reusable and easy to build into your child's daily routine.  Come back to each lesson frequently in order to deepen and strengthen your child's understanding of these early years English Language Arts concepts.

    Please note that this course is suitable for kids ages 2-6. Requires adult supervision and implementation.

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    Five percent of your purchase will be donated to our partner foundations in Java, Indonesia and Tovar, Venezuela. The money donated by SEED is used to purchase urgently needed educational supplies and fund locally led language, storytelling and music programs.